xPress Review

The options for a horny guy like me to find a date on the Internet are numerous, close to infinite. There are new sites cropping up every day. Put the right words in your search engine and you’ll get pages and pages of dating sites to choose from. For the near future, I am limiting my searching for dates to one site – xPress.com.

My reasons are simple enough and they are based on my personal research. You see, I am a married guy who has been having affairs for years. Even before all of these dating sites became popular I was out there looking to keep myself in the game outside of my steady relationship. Why? Because it’s fun! Because it’s adventurous! And, because there are so many women out there who feel exactly the same way I do! xPress.com makes this challenge easy for me and since the site has one of the better men to women ratios among dating sites (65/35) my odds of finding a hot date are much improved.

xPress review

xPress.com Members: What to Expect on xPress.com

Some sites you’ll visit, lots of them as a matter of fact, are more glitz than substance. Not so with xPress.com. The people who run this dating site specialize in my demographic – guys and gals who are in relationships but looking to fool around on the side. There is no pretending on xPress.com. If you are logged in to the site you are there to cheat – plain and simple. We are all cheaters and, for me and thousands of other people, that’s not a bad thing.

xPress Reviews & ScamsxPress.com is a EXCELLENT Website for Having An Affair in Canada

Since everyone on xPress.com is in the same boat, since we are all sneaking behind someone’s back to have a good time with a secret lover, the chances for discreet affairs are greatly improved. No one wants to get caught; I was “discovered” once by my wife when I was having a fling with a 19 year old college girl who was a coed at a school nearby where I live.

It’s a sad story because after I got caught it all ended of course. You see, she was infatuated with me. For her, an affair with an older guy who bought her gifts and took her out to fancy dinners was like a dream. For me it was a bit of heaven as well since she screwed like a bunny and never had enough. Anyway, she somehow found out my cell phone number and kept calling me until my wife eventually figured out that something was going on and I had to end it. You see, this pretty young sex maniac had nothing to lose so discretion went right out the window.

Just about everyone on xPress.com has something to lose so you don’t have to worry about middle of the night phone calls and barrages of emails that can cause suspicion. All of us on xPress.com love what we are doing so much that we never even consider doing something that would jeopardize our affairs.

xPress.com Our Test Results

You can do your own testing if you like but xPress.com always yields the highest number of eligible and willing companions in my experience. Time after time I can have a hook-up within minutes of logging on and the percentage of online meeting that result in dates that pay off is, frankly, startling. If you are up for an affair, xPress.com will treat you special!

How to Game xPress.com: Tips & Tactics

Whatever strategies you have used at other sites can be used here as well. My recommendation is to be a truthful as you can be with you profile, your desires, and, most of all, your photo. If you post a picture of you at the beach when you were 25 years old and you’re 45 years old now, you are not going to score! Cheat a little bit on your age if you like but make sure you dress yourself up so you can pass for a somewhat younger guy when you do meet someone.

Using xPress.com Features to Your Advantage

There are lots of features at xPress.com that make having an affair easier than you would imagine. Some of them are pretty standard for dating sites but some are special.

xPress.com maintains their own chat rooms which enable paying members to speak directly in real time with other members looking to get an affair going. You can learn a lot about someone from a few chatting sessions and this is just what the site creators had in mind when they developed and installed this feature. It doesn’t take long to figure out if someone you are chatting with is a loose cannon or someone who is likely to ruin a good thing by being indiscreet. I love the chat rooms and some are actually just as exciting as having a real affair! Only kidding, but they are fun!

A unique feature of xPress.com is their “in-house” email system. There is never a need to use any other email system for communicating with possible dates and that creates an enormous sense of peace of mind. These days using your personal email or even a special but otherwise public email account can be dangerous. You’ve all heard stories about how far private investigators can go these days to find prowling husbands and wives for paying customers. xPress.com has beefed up its security in this area especially to avoid these kinds of things.

You will also appreciate the extensive area reserved for explicit pictures of members on xPress.com. Post whatever you like and never worry about them being seen by someone they are not intended for or being copying and distributed around the internet. Get a good look, and I do mean a good look, at whoever you are thinking about stepping out with before you do. This is an excellent feature.

xPress.com Memberships – Which Plan to Use

There are a variety of membership options at xPress.com including a Free Membership which does allow you to sample how the site works. I started there and quickly moved into a monthly silver membership which costs $29.95. After you play around for a while and learn the ins and outs of the site, I’m sure you’ll decide to upgrade to a 3 month membership which reduces the price per month. Three month silver memberships are $59.95 (about $19.98 per month) and you can purchase gold memberships for as little as $23.32 per month if you buy three months. Visit the xPress.com website for details on the various memberships. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Overall xPress.com Conclusion

I’m not sure if it’s just me but the girls on xPress.com always look to be a cut above the girls on other dating sites. I’m not kidding. For some reason the women who are attracted to this site are prettier and sexier than on other sites I’ve been to. If I had to give reasons why I think this is, I would probably say that the guarantee of anonymity and the high level of discretion afforded by this site are the reasons. Women who join this site feel safe so they come, even the prettiest and sexiest. Try it for yourself!