NoStringsAttached Review

Hook up safely! Hook up discreetly! Hook up quickly! That’s what you’ll get at and that’s a lot to ask from a dating site. is a dating site that caters to married people, men and women in relationships looking to have some fun on the side, and singles. It has it all. On top of that is affiliated with, one of the largest dating sites on the internet and although the two sites do not share data and profiles, the technology at is just as powerful and just as professional as at FriendFinder

NoStringsAttached review Members: What to Expect on

I found because I was looking for a little bit of everything – married gals, women tired and bored with their men, and sexy single girls – and you don’t usually get all of that at other sites. Most sites specialize and that’s just not for me. I like to change it up a bit from time to time and I don’t have the patience or the desire to belong to a bunch of dating sites. On I can search for single 18-22 year olds one evening and 30-35 year old horny married women the next. That’s what I like – variety, and at that’s what I get.

NoStringsAttached Reviews & is a EXCELLENT Website for Having An Affair in Canada Our Test Results

I can hook up regularly at Although the volume at this site is not as great as at some other sites – there are fewer women here but fewer men too! – the safety and security assurances that you get at this site encourage more ladies to take a chance. The fact that single women are all over this place as well, improves your odds and increases the variety.

How to Game Tips & Tactics

What I also get is a strong sense that this site is “real” as so many others are not. The internet is full of scammers and dating and sex sites even more so than others. I have been around enough sites to know that unless you have some reassurances, you keep your credit card in your pocket and save yourself a lot of grief down the road. You don’t get that feeling on and I’ll tell you why.

I look for two things when I’m trying to figure out if a site is legitimate or not. The homepage of any dating site is no help and who can blame the people who run the site for only putting up pictures of the hottest babes dressed to kill! If I ran a dating site, that’s what I would do. But, take a look beyond that. Most sites, as well, can be joined for free although your activities as a free member are very limited. Join up for free and do a basic search of available women in your area – say 50 miles from you. If everyone comes up looking like the models on the homepage, you are in trouble. Let’s face it, all women are not gorgeous. As a matter of fact, all sexy women aren’t even gorgeous. If all the photos knock you out, you’re being scammed. Try that at and you’ll get a very different result. There are many beautiful women with photos on this website. But there are many ordinary looking women there too. I know, from personal experience, that many of these ordinary looking women are ready to go! There’s no scam here.

The other scam-catcher strategy requires you to join up at a site for a free membership as well. You don’t have to do anything else. Just join up and give them your email address as required. If, during the next few days, you email account is bombarded with emails from the hottest babes you have ever seen, then you’re being scammed. When and if you finally cough up some dough and join the site, the emails suddenly stop. – no emails, which leads me to believe that this site is legitimate and I don’t have to worry about getting taken for a ride.

Using Features to Your Advantage

If you decide to post your own videos and photos on (I have), you also have the option of making them private so that they can only be viewed by members you designate. This not only adds to the allure of the site, it also helps in the discretion department. People only see you if you want them to.

Another feature, one that I have found only at, allows a member to make private phone calls to other members through untraceable phone numbers. Talk about privacy and secrecy!! That feature is the ultimate in discreet messing around. gets about 35% more traffic from Canada than from the USA. That’s a good thing for Canadian folks looking for a discreet one night stand or a sexy lady to hook up with on a regular basis. Just goes to show you how sexy Canadian ladies can be!! The man to woman balance at is about the same as at other similar dating sites – around 70/30. The guys with the best lines and the best profiles have the advantage. Memberships – Which Plan to Use

The services offered by are pretty standard but that makes the site easy to navigate. I actually prefer simple sites that let me get down to business. After all, I really do not want to spend a lot of time online surfing a dating site. I want to find someone, meet, talk, have a nice dinner, and get laid! As with most sites, premium memberships get you more services. For about $35 per month you get a pretty good deal:

* the ability to contact other members
* access to all member profiles
* the ability to view videos posted by members (this is my favorite feature!)
* access to thousands of member photos, one sexier than the other

Our Overall Conclusion

One of the things that has going for it is its experience in the business. More than half of the dating sites on the internet are newcomers and although these new arrivals tend to be flashy and glitzy, they lack the staying power and solid reputation of They know what you want and they realize that you want it kept hush-hush. They know what needs to be done to protect your anonymity and your privacy. You will feel like your being taken care of in all these areas at But you don’t have to take my word for it. Join up. Start with a free membership and before you know it you will be upgrading. Get laid tonight, this weekend, and every weekend after that! I highly recommend