EstablishedMen Review

If you are looking for the best married dating site and wondering if is legit, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Not only is it legit, it is one of the best sites on the internet to find that special someone to breathe excitement into your boring existence. The women on the site are not only pretty, they are real, which is difficult to find on a cheating site. In a category of sites where most of them are nothing but scams, this one shines through as the most legit one out there.

EstablishedMen review

What type of women are on

We contacted a lot of women on the site and what we found was that they were not only eager to meet with us, they followed through. Sites like sometimes have women who want the attention and thrill of flirting with married guys, but when it comes time to meet up, they suddenly are unavailable. We didn’t find any of that on The women were all over meeting up for a sexual encounter.

The site itself was upscale. No second rate graphics, or applications. It has the most advanced way to communicate. Whether you want to email, text, video chat, or use a chat room, you never have to worry about whether the woman that you are talking to is real. You also don’t have to worry that they took a picture of themselves 20 years ago and are still going off of their heyday. Not a site that is dominated by 2s and 3s, this site is all 7s or above. Of all the contact requests we sent out we had a response rate of 90%, that was one of the highest that we got on any site. Unlike the rest of them, they were actual women.

EstablishedMen Reviews & is a Good Website for Having An Affair in Canada

How much does a membership cost?

These types of affair sites in Canada can vary in price all over the board. is somewhere in the middle. We specifically wanted to use a pay for membership site so that we could cut down on scams. That is exactly what we did. The best part is that you have many different ways to pay. Being considerate of the fact that most of the clients are married people, they cater to your privacy in a special way. They aren’t going to be the ones to out you to your spouse. It was also a place where older men have a better chance of meeting younger women.

Unlike other sites, is the most legit. They didn’t sell our email to anyone who wanted it. Other sites took our email address and sold it to so many sites we were inundated with pornographic solicitations. That is a dead giveaway when you are trying to be discreet. One of the best privacy policies out there, we were impressed by the fact that they actually had a customer service representative who was real, and really cared about any problems that you have.

Is legit?

Of all the women who answered us, there weren’t any who were trying to solicit money from us, or making themselves out to be someone they weren’t. We didn’t get any offers to meet, but a reminder to bring cash or our credit card. What we did get was 75% of the contacts leading to a one night stand. Those ended in some of the best sexual encounters in the lives of the guys we sent out to investigate. You think you like your job huh?

When it comes to the best dating sites, was the best one out there. It really is for guys who are established and have their shit together. Being for the man who has something to lose, they are discreet about how they share the little information that they request from you.