About Us

The affairs dating websites are a fast growing business. Unfortunately, since the best affair sites in Canada are only 3 from a total of about 300, meaning only those are valid and trustworthy, it is extremely easy to get fooled big time. We thought that setting an affair guide website would teach people how to avoid getting caught and how to be in control of the situation. They will no longer waste time on the wrong sites, waste money, get into emotional turmoil, or compromise all areas of their lives. Hey will learn how to have an affair in Canada that goes smoothly and stays secret.

Why are we so dedicated to presenting a complete, comprehensive affair guide? We got caught using a BAD affairs site. Getting fooled like this and ending up in a terrible situation (for everyone involved) when no harm was intended was just too much – and we believe it would be so for anyone. Plus, we don’t want these scammers to keep on doing their tricky work. Like us, a lot of people out there don’t ever suspect that there might be a great conspiracy behind a simple affairs dating site. One may just register for fun and out of boredom, and there it is, the private investigators behind it already have opened their case. It is very easy to become a victim of this. Next, the spouse is informed that there is precious evidence regarding the secret life of their partner, and you’re set for a ‘wonderful time’.

You don’t have to go through that, do you? If you have decided you can’t do without an affair, at least make sure you’ve learned the rules of the game and that you are playing it to your advantage. Make sure your lover is not going to be the treacherous type or look for something way different! We offer the best affair guide for Canada and strongly believe that you should have your chance at maintaining things discreet and safe!