MarriedDateLink Review is by far the best dating website for married and attached people out there. Everything you’ll ever need as far as opportunity and discretion is built in to this site. If you only join one dating site, this should be it.

Married DateLink review Members: What to Expect on

I have been around the Internet. You’ll have to take my word for it. I started visiting dating sites in the late 90s and I can tell you a whole lot about which ones are scams and which ones are legitimate and believe me there are lots of scams out there. I’m taking some time to tell you about because there is no site like it out there – none better by a long shot!

Married DateLink Reviews & ScamsMarried is a EXCELLENT Website for Having An Affair in Canada

Let me tell you about a few of my experiences first. I live very close to a big city so finding lots of ladies who are up for casual encounters in my vicinity is usually not a problem. The site I signed on to (which shall remain nameless for now) was no exception. There were a bunch of willing candidates available when I did my “location” search.

I always tick off the box that says “photos” because I want to see what I’m getting into and I post mine willingly even though it’s a risk that someone who knows me might see it. I’ve taken that risk for more than 10 years now and have never been noticed. Anyway, when I put my information in I am always honest – well, mostly honest. I always say I’m married, which I am, and I give my physical characteristics truthfully – height, hair and eye color, weight, etc. The only place I “cheat” is on age. I’m in my mid 60s but I can pass easily for 50, so that’s what I put on the data forms. My picture is a few years old but women who look at my profile are, pretty much, getting what they think they are.

So, on this first sight I start looking at prospects, shall we say. Lovely! Most are, quite frankly, lovely! And, their bios all indicate that they are horny as hell and can’t wait for some older, well-off guy like me to get into their panties. I’m gonna make a long story short here because my first “date” was a bummer!

The gal I picked said she was in her early thirties, and she probably was. She gave her height and a few other details but neglected to give her weight. I have since learned to be a little more demanding when requesting these details. Don’t get me wrong, I like chubby gals. I just like to know what I’m getting into right from the start. Her face was nice and she was smart. I could tell from the few times we chatted and emailed.

We agreed to meet for the first time in a big hotel downtown. She said she had the use of a room through her company and that we could meet there. Well, I took the day off, hopped on the train and commuted into the city, waited at the bar in this fancy hotel for 30 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half! Nothing! She stood me up. I always wonder if she ever intended to come at all or if she was lurking somewhere in the lobby hiding behind a plant and just laughing at what a jerk some guys are to expect to get a date from the internet.

I have learned since then and the first thing I learned was to only, let me repeat ONLY, seek dates, companionship, young ladies to sleep with, from reputable sites that deliver the goods. is reputable and they deliver the goods! Our Test Results

I have had 7 very successful meets with women from All of the women were what they appeared to be on the site; all of them were hotties; all of them were good enough for repeat meetings – one for about 6 months worth.

I’m not interested in long-term relationships and most of the women who advertise on are not either. Some are looking for a poke! Others want a short torrid affair! Others want to check you out and make up their minds afterwards.

How to Game Tips & Tactics has a feature that I have never seen on any other site and I’ve been to loads of them. If you are willing to spend a few bucks, they have an Affair Guaranteed Package which, for $249, will buy you 1000 credits and a “guarantee” of an affair. I’m not exactly sure how this works but if you are low on confidence but high on cash this is something you really ought to consider.

But, you don’t have to believe me about how good this site is. maintains an area of their website for customer “reviews.” Most of these are more like testimonials. Read them and see for yourself. Can so many guys and so many women be wrong? I don’t think so. See for yourself.

The ratio of guys to gals on is about 70/30 which is not bad for a dating site. Some sites, believe it or not, have worse balances. This site is designed for married people but I have found that there are plenty of unmarried people there as well, especially guys. If you are a younger guy, let’s say in your thirties or late twenties, who is looking to hook up with a few horny housewives, this is the place for you as well. Join up; pay the Introductory Package fee of $49; and get busy with a middle age married woman craving a younger stud! My friend does it all the time!

The fact is that all you are really up against is the numbers. How do you, as one of 7 guys, get to have an affair with the few (3) gals that are available? My advice? Be smooth, don’t be a jackass, be patient, and spend some time working your lady before you move in. That’s what ladies like and the women on are no exception. They expect to be treated well, especially in the beginning. The first impression you make is vital to your goal. Once you connect organically you might find that what she really needs is to me treated a little rough, to be tied up and teased, or spanked as a prelude to hot steamy sex. Don’t be a jerk – woman can sniff out a jerk in a flash. Just pretend that is a huge room full of lovely and willing women and it’s your job to pick one out, flirt with her, win her over, and enjoy the benefits.

Using Features to Your Advantage has features that every good dating site should have. Unfortunately, many of the other dating sites don’t. This site has its own Instant Messaging application for paid members so if you log on and see someone else logged on who interests you, a few keyboard entries and you’ll be talking directly in real time. After a few minutes of “chatting” you can tell whether or not you want to continue. Communicating via text tells a whole lot about a person. This is your chance to talk dirty, be suggestive, flirt, whatever you like. The kind of response you get will dictate if you continue or not. The first girl I ever talked to on said she was a young housewife who lived in the state next to mine – a drive but not undoable. When we chatted she started with all that chat-speak stuff – LOL, enuf, omg, etc. Don’t get me wrong. I love screwing young ladies but I prefer the ones who speak my kind of English! also has a “wink” feature which is really a good idea because it gives guys the chance to wink at women they are interested in. The wink is a one-way street however and you’ll need to upgrade before you can actually talk to anyone. I upgraded and I don’t regret it one bit.

There is also a feature on which I really like – Private Showcase Photos. In addition to your profile photo which everyone, even free members, can see, the Private Showcase Photo allows you to post private pictures and allows access to only those who you want to have access. You can be creative here not only showing off what you’ve got but seeing what she has. Most women look a lot better when they are dressed up and I enjoy a sexy outfit as much as the next guy. However, Private Showcase Photos allows you to see what the package looks like unwrapped and that’s a real positive. Memberships – Which Plan to Use

You can get an account on for nothing – no cost whatsoever. But if you are not a paying member you aren’t going anywhere. You don’t need to lay out a huge deal of dough – the $49 initial fee will get you 100 credits and if you can’t get laid with 100 credits you probably aren’t gonna get laid with 500. That was all I needed to get started and when I need to, I refill from time to time.

Our Overall Conclusion

Stop wasting your time at dating sites that go no where. Visit the next time you are hanging around your computer feeling horny. You won’t be disappointed.