Gleeden Review

In this day and age, extramarital affairs are being treated like a normal and accepted occurrence regardless of the fact that they are breaking countless marriages, some that may have lasted over 35 years! In fact, these shameful acts are being encouraged by certain websites, which have been made available to anyone and everyone. One such website is This is website is a scam, a hoax, that preys on people who should know better.

Canadian Affair Scam Alert

This website shamelessly claims to be the very first extramarital dating site. To make matters worse, they are proud to let their potential clients know that the site has been in fact created by women, who are usually the ones most hurt by these very same extramarital affairs. They claim to have total discretion and guaranteed privacy, misguiding the client and making them believe that they cannot and will not get caught. Let me the first to call liar with the infantile rhyme: liar, liar pants on fire! The easiest way to get caught is by having an electronic footprint (a known fact).

Gleeden - Dating Scam AlertWe DON’T Recommend Gleeden. DON’T Waste your time on this Site. It could cost yo your Wedding.

In addition, the site promises all men and women, especially the married or hooked ones, a thrill or a fling with lovers of over 159 nationalities. What the site doesn’t tell you is that once you “enjoy” your thrill, the consequences are for you alone to face. These secret little forays that are promised on this site may and will almost assuredly be the end of a healthy and stable relationship that was built over several years. On top of that, this site opens up lonely or bored souls to countless Internet predators who are just waiting for the lost souls to be misguided by sweet and fun promises that are all a sham. For all potential users, the question you should ask yourself before venturing into this unknown territory is “is it really worth it?”