EliteFling Review

EliteFling.com is a website that promises to find users who are considered successful and attractive a casual date. First of all, the discrimination is rather obvious- what happens to the unsuccessful and unattractive? Are they not deemed fit to have a casual date? The “unlucky” needn’t bat an eyelid because this website is a total scam. It was set up to trick innocent people who are simply looking for a good time.

Canadian Affair Scam Alert

The site claims that the profiles of the “successful and attractive” that have been put up on the site are 100% real. However, on close scrutiny and with a little digging, you find that these profiles are all fake. They lure unsuspecting clients with their free sign up incentive and an easy how-to list that makes them believe that hot guy or super hot chick is that easy to get.

EliteFling - Dating Scam AlertWe DON’T Recommend EliteFling. DON’T Waste your time on this Site. It could cost yo your Wedding.

The website also promises that your information will remain confidential however their privacy policy has been found wanting. If you want all hackers and cyber stalkers to find you with the click of a mouse, then by all means sign up. You can email your potential hot fling and chat about this and that thinking that it is all innocent fun, but in actuality you may be landing yourself in very hot soup. In addition, you alone are responsible for keeping your password and username confidential. In short, this website is a scam and it is advised that you refrain from using it. If already on the site, close your account with immediate effect.